Freddie Gibbs: Still Miseducating

Under the guise of music, Freddie Gibbs is dope! Only Uncle Murda and a few people I know personally from Indiana think differently. Even his internet arch nemesis, DJ Akademiks will tell you, “Federick Gibbs makes good music” and even though he hilariously plays with his name, he’s right. What’s also very real about Gibbs is that with a ton of consistent critical acclaim and a Grammy Nomination; From a PR standpoint, he’s making himself hard to love or easy to hate. Your choice on how you want to express it.

His beef with Benny is out of pocket. I don’t know what happened before this moment, if anything, but laughing and having slick comments on twitter after a person gets shot is crazy! Yeah, we not cool after that. Even if we collaborated, shot videos and made millions together, having jokes and negative commentary about my near death experience is one of the quickest ways to be “Cool on you, Fam.” The question I’ve been wondering like many others is, why? I have an honest theory that I want to share with you right now.

What if this Gibbs and Benny rift is rooted in, Hometown love? It’s no secret that Benny, Gunn and Conway are from Buffalo. It’s even more clear that they are beloved in Buffalo. They are globally recognized as Hometown Heroes and no question the biggest thing out of Buffalo, NY musically since Rick James. Griselda puts on for their town and the town loves them back. Could it possibly be that Gibbs is jealous of that?

If you were unaware, Freddie Gibbs is from Gary, Indiana. A couple of the biggest superstars in the world have come from there. You may have heard of Michael and Janet Jackson. They are quite the big deal to this very day. And even though the Jacksons move to LA and Mike would never be screaming GI on a track, I visited the Jackson memorial on 2300 Jackson Street. It was a lot of local love there. Does Gary hate Gibbs? I honestly won’t jump out the window and say yes, but it’s crystal clear that Gary don’t love Gibbs, like Buffalo loves Benny. Maybe that’s Gibbs real issue. Gibbs started his career really trying to put on for GI and his entire state. It just didn’t go so well. Was it cause of his love and Commentary for The Chicago Bulls and Bears? Maybe. But people from “The Region” do skew more towards Chicago Sports. Could it be his relentless repping of Vice Lords? That is some super Chicago shit. But we watched Snoop, Game, Nipsey and YG come before him and after him and they seem to have done just fine.

It’s got to be hard to be a black superstar from Indiana…because it’s Indiana! Indiana; A place that most black people know as being one of the KKK Capitals. Indiana; The place where Mike Tyson served his bid. Indiana, the home state of Larry Bird and where T-Roy of Heavy D & The Boyz, had his fatal accident. That’s the surface level knowledge of black people not from Indiana. That and anything Reggie Miller related. Then comes Freddie Gibbs. A very talented emcee, that fell out with Jeezy, Has back and forth’s with Gunna, Akademiks, lowkey Lil Nas X, words for Jim Jones and has seemingly been on the attack at Benny The Butcher for no valid reason.

The bigger reason that it doesn’t make sense to me personally, is cause Gibbs would have been an artist I would have expected to been on the Grisleda Records roster or under the umbrella. His style of music meshes incredibly with theirs. Everybody is cool with Alchemist, Madlib makes total sense and whether age demo or content and sound; They are talking to the same consumer. So I’m perplexed that this is happening on all fronts.

Did I hear the new woman in Freddie Gibbs life got him wildin? Yep, I sure did. And I pray that they are wrong. But this isn’t the one thousandth time that a conflict has sparked between two rappers on a woman.

May 21, 2009, Freddie Gibbs dropped, The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs. It’s 13 years later and we are witnessing the an even greater miseducation than his groundbreaking project. The world is officially upside down when a guy spends a solid decade rapping at a high level and getting better with each project decides that antics and rap beef are the move after his price goes up and notoriety increases. If you love hip-hop, you hate to see this. Shout to Gibbs though; You got to chill, Fam. Love.

Check out Gibbs First sign of Greatness at the link below.

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