Duke Deuce’s “CRUNKSTAR”

I want to start this off by giving my personal praise for you to take however you like. Memphis has the hardest music scene in hip-hop right now! Year after year for at least 5 years now an artist from Memphis has come through and shut shit down; Yet there is still room for other artist to do their thing. The bonus to all of this is many of the Memphis artist are sticking to the blueprint of their regional style. They all have a twist or distinction and you can hear the nostalgia and the newness in what they’re putting together. One of the artist that embodies that is Duke Deuce! He’s a direct descendant of the Three 6 Mafia sound; Which also inspired the Lil Jon “Crunk” sound but his updated twist is reviving it in a great way!

Crunkstar is Duke Deuce’s latest official project and the developing of his niche continues greatly. While I know some of my peer group is indifferent on Duke because of his many interpolations of Three 6 Mafia classics, I enjoy it cause the energy is fresh and it doesn’t feel forced. Duke is not trying to be a new member of Three 6 Mafia. He’s a “Crunkstar” and it really is a difference. And this album of crunk and traditional rock fusion is very energetic, lively and it may make you want to throw things or slap the shit out of the wrong person on the right day! When music makes you feel, the music has done its job. You’re definitely going to feel when this project plays.

A Few Instant Track Adds

  • I Ain’t Worried Bout It
  • Hell Nah
  • WTF!
  • Flip Da Switch

With so many artist that exist today, it’s hard for some people to find what to actually listen to. Let me be the first to tell you, that this CRUNKSTAR project is anything but a waste of your time. Whether you need something to hit the gym to or if you’re trying to relive the days where you could work a full shift, get off, get dressed and hit the streets till bout 3am and wake back up before 9, you’re going to enjoy this.

Crunkstar is fun, infectious, energetic and the rapping is at a very respectable level! Features include Lil Yachty, Juicy J, Rico Nasty, Babyface Ray and a young lady who I believe is Gloss Up who was doing her thang on the Track “Hell Nah”. Memphis has won again and it’s great to see. Duke Deuce is definitely a key piece to the cities extended run in the world of hip-hop. Keep stylin’ on em!

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