About Behind The Rhyme

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BehindTheRhyme.com is a Million Dollar Mind Life, LLC [MDML] website. 

The owner of the Company and lead writer of the site is Cameron “CamQuotes” Pruitt. CamQuotes is a writer, creator and host. His content can be found here and on TheUrbanDaily.com and An Absolutely Dope Podcast, which is available on Soundcloud, iTunes and Google Play

Behind The Rhyme has a storytelling focus along with covering all the elements that make up hip-hop culture. Coined as “Hip-Hop’s 60 Minutes”, We bring conversation, debate and what this hip-hop culture embodies beyond the booth and the finished product. We are real life and conversation when the music stops.

The mission is to dismember stereotypes and provide original content to prove why hip-hop is educational, positive, supportive, powerful and global.

Follow us on all social media platforms @BehindTheRhyme

You can also email behindtherhymes@gmail.com

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