If We’re Being Real…By CamQuotes



If We’re Being Real…Tyler’s Wolf album will remain in the Top 10 of hip-hop albums dropped in 2013

If We’re Being Real…Not only has Ace Hood fathered the game for about 3 years…He should ship 2 million next album

If We’re Being Real…Lyrics actually DO SELL Kendrick Lamar has outsold 2 Chainz and Future

If We’re Being Real…Every Freshmen list has at least 2 busts that you might expect

If We’re Being Real…The 90’s are back..Cause labels are highlighting Platinum and Gold Singles again

If We’re Being Real…People that scream hip-hop is dead are the ones doing the LEAST to keep it alive

If We’re Being Real…There’s a plethora of great hip-hop content, the majority just isn’t reading or sharing it

If We’re Being Real…We would admit that rappers are coming under fire for their lyrics because people don’t like them not cause people are truly offended

If We’re Being Real…We would acknowledge that hip-hop is becoming the ultimate follower popularity contest

If We’re Being Real…Rap isn’t homophobic, it’s just not profitable enough for people to be comfortable with themselves


CONSUMER TIP: NEVER Buy product from and artist who tells your Rap and Hip-Hop are different things.


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