Great Rap Quotes From…Action Bronson

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Action Bronson is undoubtedly my favorite rapper out right now. He’s got some of the funniest yet clever lyrics out right now. After I heard Rare Chandeliers, I had to go back and listen to Blue Chips and now I am a definite supporter of whatever he does fore free or for purchase! Check out some of my favorite bars from Bronsalino!

Winter time the Beamer color Danny Glovers neck, better be careful who you running with… – XXL Freestyle

Gravitating to the money cause it brings me joy, only thing next to my baby girl and baby boy. Drive Mercedes Toy, with your moms butt-naked cooking eggs like Ving Rhames in Baby Boy -Eggs on The Third Floor

Vultures flying over the carcass, Bishes blowing on my D**k like a cartridge – The Symbol

A hundred grand wrapped in a flag of Trinidad, I been a dad, smoke dough, got the same taste as a lemon head. I wanna meet the bish that invented head. Korean meats laid on a lettuce bed, roll up – Live From Kissena Blvd

As I ride inside my 92 Seville, windows half down, so I can see my bishes in the field, best believe they bringing Daddy money. How you think I got the Caddy dummy? Trying to get this Puff Daddy money – Hookers At The Point

You can mistake me for a truck driver, on the strip, paying 30 for a muff diver – I Adore You

She had the clef pallet. I order chef salad. She had a club foot, with that little arm. I couldn’t help but laugh she ordered Chicken Parm, I had the full Bulls warmup with the Pippen on – Verse from Chance The Rappers NaNa

Hit you with the Dropkick, Marty Janetty – The Rockers

Game 7.. Knicks Heat, Me and Spike had to switch seats. Cause he kept spilling Henny all on my Bish feet. – Aligator

Specialized like the little bus, use my chubby little fingers first to stimulate the clitoris. King Kong aint got ish on us. Im out here getting it for real while you muthafawkers fillibust – Barry Horowitz

It’s a proven fact money make the world go round, and a couple sweet words will make your girl go down, on the whole team cause you weren’t taken care of business, see me in a Beamer, see you in a Civic – No Time 

Multi-color money, 7 different kinds of cheeses, My silhouette resemble Jesus in All Seasons – Through The Eyes of A G

I could be here all night doing this….Listen and get familiar with Action Bronson. Hands down one of the most entertaining emcees present day!

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