I’m A Grown Heterosexual Man…I Don’t “Pause”

boondocks pause

You know what is SUPER ANNOYING in Hip-Hop culture? “Pause” and “No Homo”. Let’s break this down with explanation first.

I’m going to say the origin of this is Harlem, New York. It all started with Cam’ron and Dipset and it caught fire FAST! At one point the whole world was saying this. Shoot even Roy Hibbert said “No Homo” in last years Eastern Conference Finals in a Post Game Press Conference. Once it was recognized what he said and what it meant, he was fined and of course publicly humiliated for about 48 hours.

“Pause” or “No Homo” means you have seemingly said something with “homosexual intent” and for you to clarify that you did not mean it in a “homosexual way” you say “Pause” or “No homo” so you can proceed with your statement or conversation as normal.

Think about what I just typed. Does that truly make sense to you?

I am an adult. I’m A Grown Heterosexual Man. I don’t “Pause”, I don’t “No Homo” or anything else the kids or people of low intelligence are doing nowadays. It makes no sense and it’s destroying the fabric of human beings and their emotions and compliments. I don’t say any of these things in mid sentence or after statements because nothing in my speech about a topic should or would advocate a “gay notion” in my mind, so it definitely shouldn’t do the same for someone else’s mind.

Present day, you can’t big up a friend or relative without a “Pause” or “No Homo”
Example: Man, that’s a really fly shirt you got on fam, Pause.
Yo, No Homo….but, I really like that fit you just copped last week.

WTF!?!?! You can’t pay another man a compliment without having homosexual tendency?!?! THAT’S THE DUMBEST ISH I’VE EVER HEARD!

This is Dame Dash. Extreme respect for Dame, his career and most importantly his undeniable contribution to hip-hop. However, I have no idea what he is even “Pausing” in this video. Maybe you can view it and help me out.

My question to all of you that do this is, how many gay friends does a straight man have for this to be necessary? Let’s just be real. How are you that confused when you know what you are and you know who you are around? Is it saying something about your friends? Is it saying something about you? I’ll let you decide that one. I’m not here to judge anybody for anything.

Everybody in my crew I’ve know for minimum 10 years. We are like family. I can compliment them and or cuss them out without having to “Pause”. Why? Because were are normal heterosexual men having a grown folks conversation. No more no less. When I come in contact with gay men and women, which some I consider friends, my adult tone and conversation doesn’t change and I STILL don’t feel the need to “Pause” or “No Homo” around them.

Also, it’s just somethings as a Grown Heterosexual Man I don’t even speak or insinuate to another man to cause the grey area.

Example: Ni**a Suck My D**k!
That’s a fresh fit fam! You think you sexy huh?
Man I just want to chill with you. Hit a movie or something, like a date night.

Unless you are of the lifestyle of a gay male, things like this shouldn’t even be popping in your mind to say to another man. Why? Because it can be perceived that you want a little more than friendship with another man.

Listen to Lord Jamar’s stance on this on his episode of Combat Jack. I 1,004% Agree with EVERY WORD he said.

It’s time out for the foolishness man. It’s bad enough today’s society and social media has more than enough ammo to make black men look like the most dangerous and dumbest people on the earth. Let’s not give them extra incentive with making it seem like we aren’t even comfortable with our own sexuality amongst ourselves. It doesn’t take much to be pinned as “Homophobic” nowadays so let your intelligence reign supreme when you speak. If you got friends that must do this…then really analyze who you hang around.




Know who you are. Be yourself, Love yourself. 


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