Why Are We Still Not Out of The Beef and B.S Era?

F**k that Beef s**t..That s**t is played out – Notorious B.I.G [1997]


It’s 2013 and it seems that  MOST artist, fans and media outlets can’t get out of the Beef and Bulls**t Era. Whether it’s sensationalized titles, slick closed or open ended questions or simply hearing more than what is being said, it’s clear that the majority of minds is on drama and nonsense.

Greatest case and example to use today. Kendrick’s Control verse [Yes, this is still a hot topic in hip-hop] Kendrick drops a verse that is truly no more than a call to action for better bars, better music and healthy competition amongst friends and peers…BUT, when you hear certain blogs and radio personalities talk about it, it get spun as  “Kendrick Dissed The Whole Game” “Kendrick taking shots at everybody” “Kendrick is Dissing” blah, blah lie stupid blah lies. How can you listen to that verse and think ANYONE was being disrespected or dissed?

Now, Kendrick also called himself the King of New York…which I assume it could make you feel some type of way if your are FROM New York. However, instead of lyrically trying to take him down and refute it with good music and product, rappers we flat out forgot about come out of the woodwork to Diss him. Not only did they not do the job of disputing his claim, they couldn’t make themselves more popular in the process. In some cases they have embarrassed themselves with their attempt.

Why are we still here? Why is it that we are either provoking or entertaining the beef and bulls**t stories being slung in hip-hop.  We already confirmed it don’t make money, it’s bad for brands and business and with poor misinformation among the ignorant PEOPLE DIE! I REPEAT! WHY ARE WE STILL ENTERTAINING BEEF AND BULLS**T!?!?!

There is a difference between battle rapping and rap beef. So anything kept on wax in the name of lyrical sport, I’m not counting.

I won’t even say this started with the Infamous East Coast vs West Coast beef that certain publications blew up till the point of two mens demise. Cause from 1998 till about 2003 there was great rap unity. West Coast artist were even being signed to Def Jam. Don’t forget the rise of the south and the No Limit Period where once again region was on the back burner.

I will blame ONCE AGAIN the MISINFORMATION that was being spewed during the G-Unit vs Murder Inc Fiasco, which in turn started the G-Unit Reign for why beef and B.S took place.

FACT: Ja and 50 hated each other in real life.

FACT: 50 did want to get rid of Ja Rule anyway possible

FACT: Wanksta charted and was a commercial success and THEN was tagged to Ja Rule when 50 was finally asked “What is a Wanksta?”

FACT: 50 Cent has not made a chart topping single that has doubled as a diss record to anyone! He just put out great music with a great engine behind him. [See Pay Homage: 50 Cent for more on this topic] 

FACT: At the height of 50’s career the Shady/Aftermath/GUnit umbrella was only getting talked to if they had a problem with other rappers or other factions in rap. There are damn near no NORMAL “when is your album coming out” interviews for about 5 years in rap because of this. Even 106 and Park got into it by AJ saying “Look into this camera and say whatever you got to say to that person right now”

The rap game was literally thriving because of “Beef and B.S  ratings” even though the majority of music being cranked out at the time had nothing to do with it. To prove my point…Outside of Ether and Takeover [both in 2001] how many monumental Diss songs do you remember from the last 12 years?

BEEF HAS NEVER SOLD RECORDS! However somehow someway rappers have been thinking “I need to diss somebody to get on, get known, get heard and get popping” and there aren’t even 5 artist that you can safely name that you can attach that frame of mind to. Especially not ones that have been a multi-platinum success.

Can we leave this era PLEASE?!?! We already seen how bad it can get. We already had to hear trash music because of it. We’ve seen the 15 minutes of fame get reduced to 3 weeks AT BEST…So let’s dead it right now today. For you GOOFY bloggers and fans STOP Listening to a rap song just to say “I wonder who they getting at?” “That sound like he dissed so and so” YOU CLOWNS ARE F**KING UP THE GAME WITH THAT “BADDEST ONE HIT MY MAN, SCHOOLYARD BULLS**T!”

It’s time for hip-hop to get along and have unity yet, compete to be the very best! It’s time for fans, DJ’s and personalities, blogs and publications to stop “Diss Fishing” and wanting problems to arrive in the hip-hop world. Hip-hop is still NOT getting the global RESPECT it deserves. It’s about more than money and even that is being affected. Hip-Hop has a stigma of being a genre of music for poor, violent, ignorant, destructive, hateful misogynistic men that aren’t fit for normal society….What are you going to do to change that?

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