Iggy Goes Grammyless…So You Got To Agree To Move On

Credit "thenewclassic"IG
Credit “thenewclassic”IG

Ok, hip-hop conspiracy theorist! What do you have to say now? That “terrible culture vulture, who was leading the whitewashing of hip-hop” didn’t win 1 Grammy last night. She took L’s to Sam Smith and Eminem all night and didn’t perform at the main show. So now what’s the plot? What’s the agenda? What did they prove by not letting “The Fake Anti-Hip-Hop Hero” lose all night?

I honestly thought just for “buzz” “scandal” and to keep the conspiracy theories alive she was going to win Best Rap Album and I was wrong. You know what though? At the end of the day, the Grammy’s don’t want to hear that hood ish either, no matter how real or fake it is to them or you. Did you notice that even Juicy J showed up with his parents and didn’t use, Trippy, Tunrt Up, Ratchet, or talk about getting high in any of his interviews? I did, because the “Ratchet Era” gets no respect at the Grammy’s.

Y’all got to understand, it’s a certain image to maintain, once you get deep into this music game. Even Wiz Khalifa showed up looking normal! Artist want their respect, they want there music to be appreciated and most importantly, they want sales! A lot of civilized human beings, representing hip-hop showed up last night. Guess they are all coming of age. I’m not mad at that.

Eminem won. Wasn’t my favorite album out of the nods but I get it. Eminem sold 2 million and he did it rapping over classic rock beats. You think the Grammy’s are not going to award that? If they could have, they would have set up a Joe Walsh and Eminem performance. Eminem is as “real hip-hop” as the Grammy’s is going to get and unless you’re splitting hairs, that’s not really a bad thing.

Kendrick even got the Best Rap Song Grammy for “I”. So the Grammy’s shut y’all up even more, because I don’t understand out of all the songs that came out, how that even got nominated as far as hip-hop goes, so the board really looked out for the conspiracy theorist this year. How did Wiz Khalifa not win Best Rap Song for 2014 though? Come on now….The Grammy’s did y’all a solid with that right there.

I stand by my statement. There is no white washing of hip-hop. The only rappers I seen perform at the Grammy’s was Kanye West and Common. That’s South-side Chicago and Hip-Hop at it’s core all in one.

It’s officially time to move on. Support what you love instead of bashing what you hate. Purchase a CD, ticket and or a shirt from your favorite artist. Champion them to a level so loud that others at least want to give them a listen and cause your own change in today’s music. That’s what you have to do as music fan.

Under the act of understanding “how the game goes”…I can’t say overall that the Grammy’s got anything hip-hop related wrong last night. They “apologized” to Kendrick and gave him a Grammy, Iggy lost to all the bigger artist and now, y’all are back to hating Eminem lol! Sure ScHoolboy Q winning would have been dope but, I get it. Crips just don’t win Grammy’s off the bat like that.

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