Radio vs. Artist 2 “What Will One Spin Do?”

So after artist beg and plead for “their spin” what happens next? In general…NOTHING.

There is this major dream being sold to artist, possibly by themselves that if a Jock can just play their song ONE TIME, ANYTIME, JUST ONCE that the whole city and perhaps WORLD will STOP and the stars and planets will align and BAM! INSTANT MUSIC STAR! Nothing could be further from the truth.

What if you cause a serious ratings drop because people turn away from the radio? What if your song gets play and people call the station to bash it? God forbid the jock ask people to call in and you hear a host of unflattering comments.

Also depending on what city your in, you STILL wont even register with a lot of the larger markets and without you being in a constant rotation there is nothing you can prove about getting one spin. Its like doing your first backflip but everybody was looking the other direction.

Think about your own radio listening experience. Sometimes you hear a song from your favorite artist ONE TIME, THE FIRST TIME…AND YOUR TURN IT OFF. Sometimes you hear a song and say “Man I hated this the first time but, it’s growing on me”. With all that said what makes your songs any different from those?

The best thing you can do is work your record and hope that the city gets behind it and put you in demand.

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