#TheWhat and @BehindTheRhyme Present: Hip-Hop Classics Loved By White America!

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I always enjoy creative collaborative efforts. Been a long time since J.R. Bang and I have come together for an “NLE Moment”. I got together with Bang and Leon of Mudwing Media and we created something entertaining and something for hip-hop.

Hip-Hop is an urban culture that now has global appeal. A big part of that is the embracing of some of the biggest feel good songs and its artist that release year after year. We wanted to really sit, think and discuss exactly what were these songs, who are these artist and why are they so popular. Many people sleep on the impact that White America and their purchasing power has when it comes to hip-hop. Some songs were big but with the overwhelming support of White America some of these songs have become some of the biggest songs in hip-hop history! Bang and I went down a list to discuss these songs and this series right here is meant to highlight some of the most unique and wild moments that have taken place and to clarify why some of these songs are truly time capsule worthy in the treasure chest of hip-hop.

So without further ado, The What and BehindTheRhyme.com present “Hip-Hop Classics Loved By White America”.

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