Right Gimmick, Wrong Guy: 3 Better Leaders of The Exotic Express

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Cousin Sal From Jimmy Kimmel Live Gets a Friday Night SmackDown Source: Jesse Grant / Getty

I think Vince McMahon is a genius. He took a sport that on the surface seems like a terrible career choice, and turned it into a billion dollar sports entertainment company. That is a phenomenal feat in itself. In all my years of watching wrestling, I’ve seen various highs and lows. For every Hulk Hogan, there’s a Hurricane, and for every Bam Bam Bigelow, there’s a Bastion Booger. Sometimes, the character isn’t the problem, but the person behind the character. That’s how I feel about Adam Rose and the Exotic Express. I honestly think the gimmick is dope, he’s just not rocking it right. I think “The Bunny” was brought in and given some shine for that very reason.

There are some past and present superstars that I feel would have gotten over big with this gimmick and it would have…

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