Rap Music Your Spirit Needs Right Now!

Violence, Police Brutality and Racism are all topics that unfortunately shape the United States of America. Love and Communication are the obvious answers to correct the wrongs of the above as well as education.

Instead of BTR being another platform showing you the on going conflict of blacks vs police where disrespect and violence happens on both sides; I want to give you some music that feels good, educates and entertains as it pertains to the times we are in and apparently never left.

Vice Mensa: There’s A Lot Going On: It seems that not too many young people care about much. I want people to listen to this project because it’s flagrant, direct and it tells you the other side of what young people in Chicago see and how they feel about it.

YG: Still Brazy: This is more than a great sophomore album. This is Gangsta music with more clear intent in the messages. FDT, Blacks and Browns, Police Get Away With Murder; All songs that need to be banged right now and shared with those that don’t understand.
yg still brazy

Ice Cube: Amerikkka’s Most Wanted: A lot of people got introduced to Ice Cube through his son playing him as a member of N.W.A. Those are the same people who had no idea Cube rapped and know him as more of an actor, business man and father. That is why it is so important that this album gets played right now. Long before “It Was A Good Day” there was “Once Upon A Time in The Projects”. Get this in your system soon.
Ice Cube Amerikkka

Killer Mike: R.A.P Music: Rebellious African People Music. Plays perfectly into what we are seeing on the news and on social media right now. Killer Mike has consistently given us rap fruit. Albums like this sound even better today because you see Mike more active in politics, community and speaking out against the wrongs in America off the mic as much as he does on.
Killer Mike RAP Music

Public Enemy: To be honest, I should have posted their whole discography, because it is that important to not only hip-hop, but to the people that clearly don’t understand that the racial tension is high because it has ran consistently across the nation for decades. It’s for the people that want to make #BlackLivesMatter a hate group and disregard the senseless murdering of unarmed black people and counter it with #AllLivesMatter, but then are quick to put up #BlueLivesMatter when a Police Officer is senselessly murdered.

It’s also very important for young people and many people who solely follow pop culture to see Flava Flav in a better light than the reality star and sideshow that people label him as now. This is the music that birthed the “Rapper that’s saying something” so please listen up!

Public Enemy: It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back

Public Enemy: Fear of A Black Planet

Public Enemy: Apocalypse ’91: The Empire Strikes Back

When you get through these, get your hands on KRS One’s music. Listen to 2Pac’s 2Pacalypse NOW. Listen to the Public Enemy albums I didn’t mention, X Clan, Dead Prez and Funke Funke Wisdom by Kool Moe Dee.

I picked these albums to highlight because it’s more than just one bar about an issue. it’s more than a hook or visual that was used for a song. It’s deeper than “F**k this person”. These are the albums that force you to pay attention not only to the words but to your life as well.

There’s a wealth of knowledge in hip-hop music and it’s time we highlight it. This is just a start of what to start feeding your mind. Let’s get in the habit of using our cultures power to create real change. Be Safe. Be Humble. Live Hip-Hop.

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