Hip-Hop’s Battle With Breast Cancer

As we all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many different outlets always saturate us with breast cancer awareness material. However, as the month comes to a close, I thought Hip-Hop hasn’t done much with breast cancer awareness. That thought made me wonder, if anyone in Hip-Hop has been affected by breast cancer? Although, it hasn’t been many, it’s definitely been a few.

Nas – Nas lost his mother after her 3 year battle with breast cancer in 2002. He dedicated his album God’s Son to her and had a musical tribute in her honor on the album called “Dance”.

Notorious B.I.G – On his debut album Ready to Die, B.I.G revealed that his mother was battling breast cancer on the song “Things Done Changed”.

Roxanne Shante – The 80’s rapper was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40 in 2009, after finding a lump in her breast. Like many, she was in denial at first and it wasn’t until she dropped 40lbs that she decide to go see the doctor to seek medical attention.


Antwone Muhammad – The Chicago rapper, formerly known as Twone Gabz, has worked with Kanye West, Erick Sermon, Jay Electronica and many others. He is battling his own struggle with male breast cancer.

Lil Mama – She too lost her mother in 2007 after a 3 year battle with the disease. This came at the time of her receiving her big breakout hit in the music industry, with “Lip Gloss”. Her mother makes an appearance in the video.

Clearly members of the Hip-Hop community have been affect by breast cancer. Many have lost their mothers to it or they’re dealing with their own battle. Breast cancer is definitely something we as a people and as a community should address more often, especially since it most affects Black Women and there are more and more cases on the rise in Black Men as well. We need to use our voice in Hip-Hop to educate and share our stories that could potentially save someone.

So in close, ladies (and gentlemen) please do your self breast examinations, get screened and be proactive about your health. As always, be safe and live Hip-Hop.



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