Ice Cube Delivers The Right Word To Bill Maher on His “House N-Word” Joke

Ice Cube came up to Real Time with Bill Maher and got right to his transgressions with Bill and calling himself a “House Nigga” in his ill timed joke when talking to Senator of Nebraska on his show.

Honestly, this was perfectly put. Whether it’s “nigger or nigga” it’s our word now. Ice Cube laid it out the best way possible. It doesn’t matter if “you’re not racist”. It matters if you know history and understand the evolution of the fight for respect within Black America. The question that will always be asked no matter how “down you are” or how “cool” you’ve seem is, Why do you want to say it?

I know this will cause the debate within Black America on using the word period. I even understand the best method is to not say the word. Until we can remove it from our own personal dialogue and expression, What Ice Cube laid out is fine with me. Saying the n-word has never made anyone more or less of the hip-hop fabric, so you don’t need to add it to you vocabulary to prove you’re part of the culture.

Hopefully the O.G Ice Cube has made it clear moving forward for everyone. Even though, we know this isn’t the last time. I honestly didn’t like how it seemed Bill became “frustrated” and “irritated” in his body language and tone. You made the joke. Take the backlash on the chin. Period. One apology may not be enough. Oh well. You would have gotten the same or worse for offending a member of the LGBTQ, PETA or the Jewish community. The Black Delegation is no different. Thank you Ice Cube. Respect.

Be Safe. Be Humble. Live Hip-Hop.

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