The 2017 XXL Freshman List Dissected

It’s that time again where millions react whether right, wrong or knowledgable. The 2017 Freshman List is here! Like always I’ll come clean and tell you what I know and don’t know and what to expect. I’ll also talk about some surprises on this years list. Let’s get right to it.

Kamaiyah: The west coasts latest addition to the women’s division. I know that she rolls with YG and unfortunately, I don’t find any of her verses being memorable. Even the one on Yachty’s album. Not a good sign, so for sure the Freshman List for her is going to be a big plus.

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie: My hands down favorite on this year’s list. A Boogie holds one of my favorite songs of 2017, with “Drowning”. I really wish Dave East was on the song instead of Kodak Black, but I digress. If you know nothing yet. Know Boogie’s from the Bronx and 50 Cent was checking for him a year ago.

PnB Rock: I know his name more than his music. Had to YouTube him and realized that he’s definitely been in Radio station mixes. He’s also another artist drifting away from the classic “Philly Rappers Rap” ideology. In fact, I’m not even sure what he’s doing is rapping. “Selfish” is not a rap song to me.

Madeintyo: Whether you love or hate the songs, everyone knows Uber Everywhere and Skateboard P. He kind of gives me the “new Soulja Boy” vibe. Sounds like something tailor made for that 15-18 demo that needs someone to “stan” over. His sounds not really original but he’s winning.

Playboi Carti: I heard his song “Magnolia” on an IG video of a kid randomly dancing through the city. I’m actually shocked that it’s a real song and Magnolia is the name of it.

Aminé: I love the song “Caroline” it’s one of the first songs I heard in heavy rotation when I moved back to Chicagoland. A black rapper from Portland is something I thought I’d never see.

Kap G: I heard “Girlfriend” through the “Gangsta Lesbian” video. I’m not mad at the song and I like this kid. He’s on the wave, but he has a twist with it. I’m curious what he does next.

Kyle: I heard a young cat playing some of Kyle’s album about a week ago and it sounded pretty dope! The songs I heard were a far cry from “I Spy”. I’m actually looking forward to what he’s got up next.

Ugly God: Water is a funny song. The “like a dyke” sequence is entertaining and a little more creative that people give it credit as being. Again, another artist who doesn’t sound too original but his following is crazy.

XXXTentacion: 10th Spot winner: I listened to the Revenge album and it was 18 minutes long. I listened after I seen him get knocked out on stage and when his mans got beat up for stage diving. There’s very little content or rapping from him, but heads will like “Slipknot”. “Yung Bratz” is the song from the video of the kid gifting a hand grenade to his ex girl and starts dancing and posing outside her house amongst the debris and flames. It’s hilarious. Again, I didn’t think that was a real song, but it is.

The game has officially changed. Now, young people making memorable videos can help your music career like never before. The problem is, will the video become more popular than the actual artist or song? With this list for sure, that remains to be seen.

As far as snubs go, I have no Idea how Tee Grizzly didn’t make this list. Jay Z tweeted his name just in time. YFN Lucci should have been on here and the club and radio DJ’s can confirm that. Cardi B is the best rapper in the Women’s division right now. If PnB Rock made it, 6Lack should have made it. I heard a lot more from and about 6Lack than anybody on this list when the year started. I’m assuming Rob Stone didn’t make it to avoid conflict with XXXTentacion, because Chill Bill banged. Young M.A’s follow up to OOOuuu tanked, but she should have made the list because of the push she got to close out the 4th quarter of 2016. Benny, Casanova and Don Q are probably going to be names you hear a lot more of this year. That’s just a heads up. Famous Dex name got thrown out there, but Dex beat up his girl camera and had no PC or PR move in place to save him. 2 women pick the finalist for the freshman list. He had no chance.

The freshman list is supposed to be unknown. You feeling old is a personal hang up. This isn’t the “Who’s definitely hot now list” or the “People you know and want to get more shine list”. It’s the Freshmen List. The new kids on the block that just might make it. Look at it like the NBA Draft. You won’t know all the lottery picks. The first pick doesn’t always end up the Rookie of The Year or having a solid career in general. Some of these young people will make it and become staples in the game. Others may not make it out of the year or fall victim to a bad team. No matter what though, these are the guys and girls most likely to succeed in the 2017 chapter of the rap music industry. Let’s just see what happens.

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