I’ll Get Up…

Hello and Good Morning,

It’s been a while since you’ve seen any real written content from BehindTheRhyme. My apologies for that. Life has been happening faster than ever. Changes are being made and revelations are appearing.

When the 5 year mark hit for BehindTheRhyme.com, I wanted to be on top the world. I wanted to take things to a whole new level and really set the hip-hop community on it’s ear. What I was actually doing was stressing out and asking myself questions like “why hasn’t this popped yet?” “What am I doing wrong?” “why haven’t I grown and connected with a larger audience?” I still don’t know the answers to those questions. All I can tell you is that putting your time, love, energy, passion and money into something and being unpleased with the results hurts. No. I didn’t start doing this for the money. I would have liked to be notable over famous, if that makes sense. Because no matter what, I wanted to be recognized for the insight, thoughts and my talent for writing. I won’t say it went completely unnoticed, but it really didn’t get me where I wanted to go.

Moving forward to this week. I launched a new brand called Pen Pimps. It’s a “writer’s writer” brand. A “Composition Coalition” if you will. A place where I give insight on my life and the writings I create from it. It’s think pieces, poems and short stories of me and what I feel. The first day of that site, did better than the first month of BehindTheRhyme.com. I got readers attention. I got interaction, I got more shares, likes and follows as the hours went long. It was effortless with almost instant gratification. All the while not much noise or inquiry was being made about BTR. For me, it was writing my 5th Anniversary feelings on the wall.

I love hip-hop. I’m always going to. However, it’s more than obvious that it’s time to take a step back from doing this. I was asked to answer my own question “What about Pen Pimps appeals to you more than Behind The Rhyme?” My answer is “It appears to be easier to sell people on Me and my feelings than positivity in hip-hop.” I hate to believe that, but I can’t be proved wrong right now.

Some of my BTR supporters dig the Pen Pimps content more simply because they really aren’t hip-hop heads. I now have an invested and engaged audience of women. Something that I seriously didn’t have consistently doing this. All this taken into consideration with my feelings this year; It’s time we temporarily fade to black.

I’ll return because hip-hop don’t stop. However, I need to stay motivated and inspired about creating content and right now, this just isn’t doing that for me. To all my Day 1 and recent supporters. I hope you understand. And I thank you for your undying support of this brand. Any attention you ever gave BehindTheRhyme has sincerely meant the world to me and I thank you for your time and attention.

Until next time…And As Always…

Be Safe. Be Humble. Live Hip-Hop.

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