BehindTheRhyme’s Favorite Hip-Hop Projects of 2013

It’s that time again! It’s time to talk the favorite projects of 2013 from the mind of yours truly! I don’t think it’s “Fair” to do a Top 10 albums of the year. I don’t have time to hear complaints about who sold more, what songs made radio and blah blah blah! This year was great for hip-hop because a lot a GREAT Projects released and had impact and got little or NO mainstream support. That definitely leveled the rap game playing field and by default called for fans to actually listen to the music we were told to buy or not buy.

This is my analysis of the Great year of Hip-Hop that is 2013.


Yeezus – Kanye West, Daft Punk and Rick Rubin team up to fuse EDM, Hip-Hop and Rock n Roll and the masses have the audacity to show it no respect. Hands Down two of the most important producers to the Genre that is hip-hop were shunned in 2013 and why? Because of dumb reasons like “it’s no cover” “he’s dating Kim K” “He shouldn’t make a song called I Am A God”. It got to a point where you can tell people literally did not listen to the album or they listened to what other people like to determine how and if they liked this album.

Kanye West album is bigger than hip-hop and by the year 2015 when other artist are blatantly stealing from this album and you give it high praise…I will get the urge to want to spit in your face and tell you “You Don’t Know ISH About Hip-Hop”. Separate the man you really don’t know in real life from the music and enjoy this album.


Hall of Fame – Big Sean was supposed to have the BEST album of 2013…He came close. I think “Detroit” was the album and this is what he had left over. I still think this album is extremely dope though. Sean is definitely 1 of the best new breed of rappers and he is MURKING everybody on Posse cuts and features for 2 years now. Maybe this album falls short because him and Kanye were at odds…Either way, can’t wait for the 3rd album


My Name Is My Name – This album kicks off with “King Push” a monster track that people LOVE…The Beat by Kanye West…Where is the beat from? New Slaves ..Kanye Slowed it down and let Push do his thing. Yes the album you hate was recorded at the same time as the album you love. Lot of us have been waiting for this album…for like literal YEARS! Pusha T could easily be in everyone’s Top 5 if he dropped consistently but it seems no mater what he gives us, we are satisfied. Is this the best  rap album of 2013? You could make the argument and the response might be “Yeah…well. You got me on that”


Wolf – Tyler The Creator possible put out the most slept on album of 2013. Personally this album hasn’t left my deck since I purchased it. Tyler and Pharrell are actually a pretty dynamic team and there isn’t a verse on this album that is weak from him. If you are touchy and sensitive, this album constantly tells you “Shut your sensitive a$$ up!….B**ch!” AND I LOVE IT!


MMLP2 – Eminem is the Greatest Rhymer EVER! I say it all the time because it is a FACT now. Marshall Mathers LP 2 does NOT capture the magic, emotion or energy that the first one did…but it does prove that There is Clever, Lyrical, and then…there is Eminem!


Nothing Was The Same – Drake is the leader of the new Golden Era wave. I know who dropped, I know who y’all think got the verse of the year…but…YOU’RE WRONG! SORRY! Since Comeback Season Drake has but in GREAT LYRICAL WORK! Now, he lost me with Take Care. Don’t like that Album at ALL! NWTS though??? Best project he has dropped to date. The only cat that can give you clever bars, R&B joints, Top rap verses AND Sucka Ni**a Anthems, Sell a Million Records AND STILL NOT Damage his credibility as a person!


SAAAB Stories/Blue Chips 2 –  I just like hearing Action Bronson rap. Dude could literally put out an albums of acapella’s and I would by it. He rhymes very descriptively and has great imagination. Humorous yet Hard Bars. I respect it. SAAB Stories was too short, so I’m glad he dropped Blue Chips 2 to close out the year.


Acid Rap – I felt Chance should have been on the Freshmen List for 2012. Then he dropped Acid Rap and proved my point. What’s great about Chance music in general is that it is literally what Chicago needs socially and musically. Chance can spit and he is ushering a new sound that may start a new wave. I’m rooting for him. Respect to Save Money.


Black Flag – MGK is DOPE! Seriously! He’s probably the best rapper under 25. Get familiar with Black Flag. This was better than Lace Up and Lace Up was HOT! Forget about Bad Boy, forget about Him Being White and Forget about Wild Boys. Machine Gun Kelly can SPIT! Cleveland has another one!


Straight Savage – Now, this actually dropped December 2012. However I didn’t get a chance to listen before I made the lists last year. BUT THE FIRST HALF OF THIS YEAR!?!? I was knocking A-Mafia’s Straight Savage. You miss Dipset? You want to hear some real Harlem, NY Gangsta ish? A-Mafia got you! I’m a Fan.


New York City The Album –  Troy Ave has come a LONG WAY! At one time I thought “GOD! This Guys TERRIBLE!!!” Then the year turned and he caught fire. Now, I look at him to possibly fill the void known as “Early 50 Cent”. This album really  is New York…and this album says “Oh You ain’t feeling NY son??? Well f**k you son! we HERE!”


Dreamchasers 3 – When I heard this I said “Man…Meek Mill may close the door on mixtapes”. Thing about Meek’s music is that it’s vintage street music. You really can’t “turn up”, pop molly or even chill to it…I can’t even describe what you are SUPPOSED to do to it but he definitely is the voice of the Young Street N***a and in this day and age…that’s not something to compete for. These young boys CRAZY out here!


Crenshaw – Nipsey Hussle pulled a real power move with his project this year. However, it can’t be ignored that he actually put out some good music this year. I think Nipsey is New Age Throwback West Coast. He doing his thing and he definitely represented The West right with this one


Day Two – Young Dro go Hard As Hail! FDB got everybody attention but when I tell you my mans going HARD ON THESE HEAUXS for 18 Tracks! Please believe me. Dro maybe one of the most underrated rappers of our time. He don’t get the Bar Respect he should….Tip don’t sign rappers who can’t rap. Period.

If you have learned nothing from this post know that Team of the Year is G.O.O.D Music! They manage to set trends, take risk be lyrically inspiring and sell a few records at the same time. They made albums that will actually appreciate and will celebrate the New Golden Era of “Doing You” and “No Radio Records”. I can’t wait for 2014.

Other really good and somewhat slept on albums of 2013 include

Yo Gotti – I Am

Danny Brown – Old

Dom Kennedy – Get Home Safely

Goodie Mob – Age Against The Machine

Childish Gambino – Because The Internet

Wale -The Gifted

Waka Flocka Flame –  Flocka DuRant 3 and From Roaches To Rollies

I know…A few June albums and a July album wasn’t mentioned…Sorry. It’s a new day in hip-hop. Your track record, your affiliation and your potential don’t get you passes anymore. Let The Hungry Eat!

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