What Does “They Sold Their Soul” Mean?

I’m down to sell records but not my soul – 50 Cent

Photo from holisticfaith.com
Photo from holisticfaith.com

Ever so often I’m online and I read “Man! I ain’t selling my soul like “successful rapper” or “They changed, they sold they soul” [Sometimes is grammatically incorrect aka sale they sole]. I want to get into the why though. I want to know why has a rapper has to “Sell They Soul” and it just so happens to be when they achieve success and more importantly how do these day one fans turned foes know?

Let’s stir the pot a bit. Let’s talk labels in 2014. In 2014, labels are considered banks. They are here to fund projects and to exploit the talent for profit. There hasn’t been artist development since MySpace had it’s first star and with iTunes and artist touring major cities independently, it is evident that the voice of the label is getting quieter by the quarter.

Rappers are out here wearing skirts, blouses, leggings, capris and even daisy dukes and because they are some feel that they are in the process of selling their souls. I don’t quite agree with that. Now, this Feminization of the Black Man..that’s real! VERY REAL! The black man is the most feared yet most copied human on the planet. Making us look harmless or even female like would be step one in the aspect of solidifying dominance in a male dominated industry.

Back to this selling souls thing….This documentation and some of these altered photos, audio and video about the illuminati [the secret society] has really got some of y’all heads gone! Being rich and successful in hip-hop does not come with a devil worshiping start up kit and a meeting with the illuminati scheduled at your first platinum plaque presentation. Let’s get to the realization that hip-hop is a global and soon to be a legit billion dollar culture and industry now.

What’s also crazy is, the people that talk the most crap about selling souls and illuminati are the ones dying to live good and be successful in the industry. Jay Z is the devil and head of the urban division of the illuminati until he put you on his next album or want to hop on one of your tracks. That level of hypocrisy is beyond ignorant and self serving.

End of day, artist are human beings. They are prone to change with their times and situations and make mistakes. An artist making money, hanging around new people, staying out the hood and living life at a level that the average lower middle class fan doesn’t understand is not a reflection of them selling their soul or being apart of a secret society.

Let’s also be real and admit money doesn’t really change people themselves. It changes the people around them. Money actually enhances the type of person you always were. Some rappers that have sold millions and won’t give a dime to help family let alone someone on the come up and some rappers that don’t have a single plaque spearhead organizations to restore the communities they are from and do all they can for the people around them with time and financially. That’s who they are.

Someone please explain to me their version of selling your soul?

What is the criteria for soul selling in hip-hop?

What do you consider the number 1 act of soul selling in hip-hop?

All these “weirdo images” in hip-hop now are a choice. No one is holding guns to heads and keeping people hostage to make these rappers and producers do what they do. Now, labels do shelf artist and push back albums to make room for bigger and more prominent stars but, that has very little to do with Illuminati and everything to do with not being interesting, compelling and able to meet or exceed projections. Some of the rappers you love are not interesting on a global scale and rap music is a business. As an employee of a label your job is to make money for them and yourself…You can’t do that, you get no shine. Period. That’s Corporate America people. They game don’t change, just the players. Let’s open the conversation, let me know something.

This industry will present you options and those options will determine if you are to be a man of respect or a man to suspect….Happy New Year – CamQuotes

You can’t sell out unless someone wants to buy in  – Charlamange The God

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