Are We Really Surprised Young Thug Only Cares About Having Fun and Getting Money?

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I had to wait till the Internet Outrage died down a little before I spoke on this one. Go to the 1:41 mark of the video.

“Leave that up with the critics and the laws and all that old s***t” ” We having fun, we iced out, we having money. That’s how we doing it.” – Young Thug

I’m chalking this one up to people being angered over the hottest societal topic of the year and reminding us that the wound that is Mike Brown’s death is still fresh on the arm that is Black America. However, I do have one question. What did you expect to come out of the mouth of a young person who calls them-self Young Thug?

Young Thug; who’s introduction to the mass music scene was a song called “Stoner”. Young Thug; a person that we can all admit we have no idea what he is saying for AT LEAST 4 Bars PER VERSE! Young Thug; A young man who is considered the new dangerous face for “Lifestyle Bending” in Hip-Hop in the year 2014.

In my mind two things could have happened when they asked Young Thug about Ferguson.
1. Admit that he doesn’t really care because he’s getting money [Which he did]
2. Say “Man, FAWK THE POLICE!!! We need to go to St. Louis and Kill ALL THEM MUHFUH’s!”

Why would I expect that? Because the question was asked to a person who wants to be known WORLD WIDE as YOUNG THUG.

Here’s where I throw you all in the corner. I actually applaud Young Thugger for his answer. Why? Because at least he stuck to his script. Let’s be honest. A lot of these young cats don’t even care about their own communities because they push music talking about the poisoning and destruction of their communities and how they’re the ones doing it. It would totally 180 logic and perspective for Young Thug to come forward with rational, logical food for thought about a serious issue in society. Then we would be asking “Why are you trying to hide your intelligence? To sell records?” I’m glad he left no mystery and made it clear what you hear is indeed what you get and nothing more. He took the leap to say “I CARE ABOUT ME…AND MY MONEY…AND HAVING FUN! THAT’S IT!” The level of honesty is why I’m not even going to get upset at this young brother.

As a hip-hop community, we just have to be honest with ourselves. We have to realize that everybody with a hit record shouldn’t be speaking. We have to remember a good number of these artist making music are doing it in loo of schooling or self education. I don’t agree with the “Product of My Environment” talk because everybody in the hood is not a disrespectful, unintelligent savage. That’s who people are choosing to be. In the same token, let’s not salute everybody who showed up to Ferguson when the topic was hot. Bottom Line, singles are being made and albums are going to need to get put out so people can eat. Let’s see how many messages change and or become clearer in the aftermath of what can only be seen as “Good PR Moves” until further notice.

The days of artist development and real PR in Hip-Hop is over in what is deemed the “Reality Era”. I still to this DAY don’t know how Young Thug even became popular but, that also proves my point on why we really don’t need to hear from him or artist and people that are similar.

I see cats are “Banning Thugger” and canceling shows in the MidWest. I like that. That’s productive change and taking a stand. That is the process of thinking and starting a movement at the same time. We already shouldn’t be supporting a certain level of ignorance as human beings but, to see hip-hop take that kind of stance means it’s definitely hope for the new generation as well as the next generation. If he only cares about his money, then you take his opportunity to make money away. It’s the most powerful statement you can make to a person like that. It doesn’t involve violence, slander or action. You literally, just ignore and let the person “die breathing” financially. I applaud the promoters and the people who were going to or putting on the shows that took this stand. It shows that you care about the messages that you are receiving. It shows that you are demanding better for your eyes, ears and conscious. It shows that you are not on this earth to just “Turn Up and Not Give A Fawk” and that’s what the hip-hop community needs right now.

Salute to Kevin Gates who I’ve sat in on in conversations and spoke to personally. His reason for not speaking on Ferguson is way different. He doesn’t believe on speaking on what he doesn’t know. That’s different from speaking from a perspective of not caring.

RAPPERS: THE HIP-HOP COMMUNITY IS DEMANDING MORE! What are you going to do? I for one just hope the outrage and the stance taken doesn’t wash off in the shower. It’s NEVER cool to be oblivious to what is going on around you and its NEVER going to be cool to be in support of a person that behaves that way. GREAT JOB HIP-HOP! LET’S KEEP OUR STANDARDS HIGH!

Listen to Cormega’s Mega Philosophy Album.

Just listen…Still relevant in todays time.

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