#QuotesCoSign: Juicy J “Blue Dream and Lean 2”

00 - Juicy_J_Blue_Dream_And_Lean_2-front-large

The evolution of Juicy J the emcee is so real. Love it or Hate it, Juicy J is subject to give you a few clever BARS per song now! Ageism, Regional sound hate and any other technicalities that people want to use to discredit rappers have to be thrown completely out the window when Juicy J does anything. Blue Dream and Lean was the mixtape that got everybody talking about Juicy J “bringing back the classic 3-6 sound” and essentially kickstarted his budding solo career. I feel Blue Dream and Lean 2 will have people saying “Dang! Juicy J can really rap..like for real.”

Tracks I really mess with
I’m Sicka
Don’t Trust
Working Hard
Denna B**ch feat Project Pat
Film feat Future
All I Need feat K Camp
Do It To Em feat Elle Varner
Deep Down South feat Project Pat

Juicy J is still getting money, still getting high and still f**king these b**ches, but  with all that he is now he stunting on dudes in a real way and is daring to be lyrically clever about it. Some of the tracks I really mess with are more because of his verses than the production. That’s not normally said about a Juicy J project.

Juicy J Post Three 6 Mafia is “Rap Vet Survival” at it’s finest and although he is well aware that the young dudes are taking over, he’s nowhere near the group that is being left behind. Collaborating with K Camp, Future, Mike Will Made It and Rae Sremmurd is a great look for  him amongst the new hip-hop fans. Keeping Project Pat features on deck and cleverly putting Pimp C on tracks that make sense is showing that he hasn’t forgotten what brought him to the dance the first 20 years of his career.

Blue Dream and Lean 2 is Dope. People may say overall the first one is better, but they can’t deny the raps on this project are superior. Juicy J is becoming a serious problem and it appears nobody can do anything about it.


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