Why I Respect Jim Jones

Just finished watching the Jim Jones interview with Funk Flex. Wow! Talk about having a new found respect for a man after knowing his situation from his view.

Amongst many of my friends and family, it’s no secret that I have never been a “fan” of “Jim Jones the rapper”. This is coming from a Dipset fan. A fan that was really going to buy their “Jerky Boys” CD if it ever were to hit the racks. A fan that had been down since Cam dropped Confessions of Fire and felt the anger of Bloodshed not being here and would have copped a McGruff album, solely because the crew cosigned. Me not believing in Jim Jones the rapper doesn’t matter. Cam and Dame not believing in Jim Jones the rapper is a whole different story. Especially when they were willing to take a chance on Kanye.

This interview became eye-opening for me. It really gave me a chance to reflect on how major Dipset’s contribution to the game is. It also let see that Jim Jones just might be the greatest underdog story in hip-hop, ever.

When you come into the game with nothing and low expectations. Standing firm with more than you or anyone else expected is a major feat. Jim started as an enforcer. A rider. A guy that was literally put in position to “die for this rap ish”. He slowly gets into directing videos, setting fashion trends and then starts making music. And despite the fact that his friend and business partners didn’t believe in him enough to roll him out under their major label situation. He still makes a name for himself independently. That is nothing short of remarkable.

Jim Jones is the Rap American Dream. He really paid his dues, played his position and rose above all opposition internally and externally. He’s a key component to one of the greats hip-hop factions of all time. He’s also might be the least likely to succeed and exceed expectations. After watching the Flex interview. I want to apologize to Jim Jones.

Jim Jones; I’m sorry. I have a new found respect for your career and your hustle. I understand what the flagging and banging was about for you personally now. I get that your situation wasn’t as great as I thought on the outside looking in. I respect the fact that it didn’t stop you. I love what you represent at your core. You are a loyal solider to the death and it seems you were never presented with a fair chance to be a general. Yet, you overcame to be just that. Your triumph is commendable and I wish you tenfold success with your new Rocnation deal. Respect.

I don’t think we’ll ever get The Diplomats back together again. Honestly, at this stage with everything that’s transpired. I don’t want the reunion. These guys are grown men now and the chemistry as well as the love is just not what is was anymore. If they can’t restore the 2004 feeling. It’s not worth it.

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