Rap All Star Teams: Who Would Win?

Rap is a sport. A lyrical sport. Time and Era’s are always discussed and we are always trying to find out who is the best of what era. Today I want to do something different. I want to break artist up in All Star Teams and let you all decide Who comes out on top. It won’t be just east or west. It will be by state.

Even though you won’t read this part. These teams are assembled by todays most talked about people in the rap world. New and old. Legends and new faces. These men and women are the most active in the minds and eyes of today’s hip-hop world. So of course some of your favorites get snubbed…Just like the NBA. Who You Got?

Had to do 2 for NY. The 5 was real strong and they made 14. Thought about combining them with North Carolina, but that took away from the main idea of what this is about. Yes. There could have been two Georgia teams.

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