A Cool Conversation With CamQuotes and Seth Rollins! #CCWCQ

No question I am a tremendous WWE Fan! I have been for literal decades and I basically always will be. I’m a fan of these guys as athletes entertainers and most importantly sacrificing human beings.

QuotesRollins 3

This morning I got a chance to chop it up with WWE’s Future Seth Rollins, who’s also the current Money In The Bank winner, which more than likely means he’s the next guy to be Champion for the company. The coolest part about this for me was I was actually on the floor in the section that Rollins ran by as he made his WWE and Pay Per View debut as a member of The Shield. So, this was awesome just to meet him and talk about that alone.

Well enough about me…Check out this Cool Conversation with CamQuotes and WWE’s Seth Rollins!

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